Titanic,1997 Deleted scene "I'm Not Going!" HD 1080p

Titanic,1997 Deleted scene "I'm Not Going!" HD 1080p

The Marconi Room was the place where wireless operators Jack Phillips and Harold Bride held communication with ships and shore over a Marconi transmitter. Communication over the wireless worked using 'dots and dashes'. For example, 'S' is '...' and 'O' is '---'. When put together, you get the distress signal SOS sent during the sinking - '...___....' .When the purser brought messages from passengers to send forward, it was their job to send them to shore. Between those private messages, the operators also received messages from other ships, mostly iceberg warnings.

The room was part of the officers quarters and consisted of three small rooms, the first being the operators cabin or office, this room contained the equipment for the main marconi transmitter as well as an emergency transmitter, other equipment included pneumatic tubes and clocks made by the Magneta Time Co.

A small room to the left contained the operators berthing, as well as a wash basin and cupboard.

The "Silent room" was the name given to the room that was to the right of the operators cabin that contained the main transmitter, the ships T-type Arial also lead into an insulator atop the roof of this room, it contained many pieces of electrical switch gear for controlling the wireless set, among these was a switch for switching over to the emergency set.

The room was destroyed during the sinking, not a lot is visible in pictures of the wreck except for switchgear hanging from their cables, the Ariel most likely snapped during the sinking, and due to the high-voltages used, it is likely that pieces of switchgear exploded from being flooded out, sparks from the Ariel lead-in were also seen by passengers during the sinking.

Night of The Sinking Edit

On the night of the sinking, 10:35 P.M., the Californian sent an iceberg warning to the Titanic. Jack Philips was on the telegraph when he got this message. Since the two ships were so close to each other, the message was screaming at Philips where he threw his headset off of him due to how loud it was. He then responded with this infamous message, "Shut up, shut up! I am busy, Cape Race!" The wireless on the Californian then shut off for the night after that message. The operators were both awake during the collision but ignored it. At 12:27 A.M., the first distress signal was sent. It read this, "CQD CQD CQD CQD CQD CQD MGY (Titanic) 40 44' N, 50 24' W" The first ship to respond to Titanic is the Frankfurt responding to them with, "What is the Matter?" At 12:29 A.M., Cape Race gets Titanic's distress signal and makes a CQ, which means "Attention to all stations" and says this, "This is Cape Race. MGY giving Pos. on CQD (lists Titanic's position). At 12:36 A.M., Officer Boxhall enters the wireless room to tell the operators the new given position but due to steam, Boxhall writes it on a piece of paper. Also at the same time, the Carpathia hears the distress signal. They don't ask them what is wrong but instead that Cape Cod is sending them a batch of messages to them. 2 minutes later, the wireless operator of the Carpathia is racing to the bridge to tell the captain that Titanic is sinking and needs help but the crew don't believe him. The operator eventually gets past them and demands the captain to get up. Soon after, the Carpathia is racing through the waters to Titanic. Nothing goes on throughout the night but a huge panic. The Olympic gets to chat with Titanic and starts to head for them but after Titanic is gone, Carpathia tells them that it will freak the passengers out to see another replica of Titanic rescuing them. As the night goes on, Philips get more desperate and desperate. At 2:10 A.M., the last message from Titanic is sent, "CQD MGY. THIS IS-" The message was interrupted due to a stoker walking into the Marconi room stealing their life jackets. Both Harold Bride and Jack Philips fight back, resulting in the stoker going out of conscious. Jack was coming back to the telegraph when it began to shoot out sparks. The operators both ran out of the room and out onto the boat deck. Harold Bride ran onto the roof of the Officer's Quarters to assist in preparing Collapsible Lifeboat B. Jack Philips ran to the stern. That was the last time he was seen. Harold Bride survived while Jack Philips didn't.

Differences with Sisters Edit

RMS Olympic Edit

The Marconi Room on the Olympic was originally placed on the port side of the Officer's Quarters. It was an exterior room with a porthole. The Officer's smoke room was placed where the Marconi Room was placed on Titanic. Later on, Olympic's Marconi Room was moved to being an interior room (like Titanic's location) and that moved the Officer's Smoke Room as a result of that.

HMHS/RMS Britannic Edit

The Marconi Room was built as an interior room within the Officer's Quarters, similar to Titanic.

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