Mariana Assaf Khalil was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic. She survived the sinking.

She emigrated to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1907 or 08. Although she was listed as a pedlar, she was in fact a green grocer, and by all accounts a sharp businesswoman who sold produce to the carriage trade in the Canadian capital. By 1912 she had made enough money to return to Syria to visit the two sons she had left behind when she first came to Canada.

After a family visit, she was returning aboard Titanic with her cousin, Assāf Jirjis Tu'Mah Al-Sayqalī, and her nephew, Sulaymān Khalīl. She held Third Class ticket number 2696, £7 4s 6d. She was with a large group from Kfar Mishki: the sisters Saiide and Catherine Barbara; Joseph Caram and his wife Maria Elias; journalists Mansouer Nofal and Sleiman Attala; The Elias family (Joseph Elias and his sons Joseph and Tannous); Ḥannā Būlus; and Mansūr Ḥannā. Mariana was the only one of the gang to survive.

Mariana probably escaped in Collapsible C. After her rescue she travelled on to her nephew: David Shaheen, 150 Broad Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Her first person account of the disaster appeared the in the Ottawa Citizen.she then got remaried

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