Marjorie Newell Robb (February 12th, 1889 – June 11th, 1992) was one of the last remaining survivors of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. She was the last remaining survivor who was a First Class passenger, and one of the last two survivors (the other being Ellen Shine) who were adults at the time of the disaster, having been 23.


Marjorie Anne Newell, was born on February 12, 1889 in Lexington, Massachusetts, in the United States; she was the daughter of Arthur Webster Newell and Mary E. Greeley.

RMS TitanicEdit

Marjorie was returning from a trip to the Middle East with her father and her sister, Madeleine Newell. They boarded the RMS Titanic at Cherbourg, France. The night the ship struck the iceberg, Arthur Newell awoke his daughters and ordered them to dress themselves. They then headed up to the boat deck, where Arthur reluctantly placed his daughters into Lifeboat 6. Marjorie and Madeleine both survived. Arthur perished in the sinking however, and his body was recovered by the CS Mackay-Bennett.

Later lifeEdit

Marjorie Newell married Floyd Robb in 1917. Together, they raised four children. One of her sons was named Arthur in honor of her father. Marjorie taught music at Wells College in Aurora, NY for many years, and she taught violin and piano in South Orange, N.J. She eventually became one of the founders of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

Mrs. Robb lived her final years in Fall River, Massachusetts. During this time, she began to speak about her experiences on the Titanic. She attended several conventions held by the Titanic International Society and the Titanic Historical Society, where she told her story to many Titanic enthusiasts.


Marjorie Newell Robb died in her sleep on June 11th, 1992. She was 103 years old, and she was, after Mary Davies Wilburn, the longest lived of all of Titanic's survivors. She is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA.

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