Milton Clyde Long was born on October 19th, 1882; in Massachusetts. His parents were Charles Leonard Long (b. 1851) and Harriet Frances Clyde (b. 1857). He was an only child. He did not survive the sinking.


On April 10th, 1912, Milton and his parents sailed as first class passengers on the RMS Titanic. He met Jack Thayer on April 14th while drinking coffee. Long and Thayer were together during the sinking.

Milton Long was last seen by Jack Thayer at around 2:15 AM when both men jumped off the Titanic after they were unable to board a lifeboat (as they were men) and the sinking worsened. Long was originally against the idea of jumping off the Titanic, as he was not a good swimmer.

Long died during the disaster, and his body was recovered and sent to his hometown of Springfield on April 30th, 1912. Milton's parents and Jack Thayer survived the sinking. Thayer would later write his personal experience on the Titanic, in which he included Long.

In popular cultureEdit

He is portrayed by Richard Southgate for the 2012 mini-series.

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