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Mrs. Dahl was a fictional Norwegian third class passenger on Titanic and a minor character of the 1997 Film Titanic. She was the mother of Helga Dahl, and the wife of Olaf Dahl. Her first name is never revealed. She was portrayed by an uncredited actress.

Role in the film[]

She first appear during the boarding with her family, admiring the beauty of the Titanic. Then she appear again said goodbye to the people at the stern. During the voyage, her daughter falls in love with Fabrizio De Rossi. Like her husband, Mrs. Dahl did not approve of the romance (presumably because he was not Norwegian as they were).

Mrs. Dahl, with her husband and daughter, Jack, and Fabrizio

In one of the deleted scene, when Rose came to the third class area, she was seen nodding and stared at Rose with the other passengers. She also appear during the Third class party, watching her daughter dancing with Fabrizio.

"Go in the boat.. in the boat.."

During the sinking, Mrs. Dahl and her family waited by the main gate of the third class which was currently locked. She and her husband were persuaded by Fabrizio and Jack to join them to the boat deck, but she and her husband did not understand what did Fabrizio and Jack were saying, so they did not join them.

Mrs. Dahl and Helga Dahl hold on a railing before fall to her death

When Mrs. Dahl and her family reached to the boat deck, all the boats were gone and they immediately ran towards the stern, right beside Rose and Jack. When the Titanic began to tilt nearly 90 degrees, Olaf Dahl fell to his death, followed by Mrs. Dahl who we see flip over a railing. Right before her daughter Helga fell to her death.

Mrs. Dahl during the Rose's dream, standing besides her husband, behind Fabrizio and Helga.

Both of Mrs. Dahl and her family appear during the Rose's dream, watching Jack and Rose reunited and was clapping as they were kissing.