Nellie Mayo Bessette (January 22nd, 1880 - July 23rd, 1944) was a personal maid for the wealthy widow Ella Holmes White. She survived the sinking.

Her father was Joseph Besset and her mother was Sophriona died on January 22nd, 1880 at the age of 28 (her father never remarried) her younger brother Oliver Mayo Besset died on March 7 1888 at the age of 11. Before the Titanic she worked as a nurse for a wealth family in New York. her employer was Hubert William Denton and his family included Hubert's wife Delia and their sons; Thaddeus Abram, Irving Linus, Claude Almer, Sherwood Hubert and Kenneth Joseph. The 1910 census shows Nellie working in Lakewood, New Jersey. 

She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with Ticket 17760 (which she bought for £63 7s 2d), along with Ms. Ella White (employer), Sante Righini (the Whites manservent) and Marie Grice Young (a friend of Ms.White).

Being a maid, little is known about her actions on the maiden voyage.

She survived the disaster on Lifeboat 8.

Nellie and her father continue to live with the Deaton's though it is not known how long after the disaster she worked for Ms. White.

Following the death of Hubert Denton in the 1920s her father continued to live with his son Sherwood Denton in the family home and she later worked as a hotel housekeeper. Her father died on 16 September 1924. She died as a result of spinal cancer on July 23rd, 1944, aged 71, and is buried with her parents and younger brother at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Cornwall, Vermont.