Nightmare on the Titanic
Nightmare on the Titanic
is a Code Red book by William Caper.

Plot Edit

Crossing the icy North Atlantic on a quiet April night in 1912, the Titanic seemed invincible. Yet when a lookout suddenly screamed out, "Iceberg right ahead!" the great unsinkable passenger liner met its doom. In vivid narrative detail, Nightmare on the Titanic recounts the maiden voyage that carried both the famous and not-so-famous toward an icy death. Readers will meet Captain Edward Smith, crew members and passengers as they follow the desperate fight for survival while the nearby Carpathia raced, belatedly, to the rescue. Kids will learn how the ship was built and discover its fatal design flaw. A series of primary-source quotes from passengers reveal the human drama, while a "Profiles" section lists key players on the Titanic.

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