No Way Out is the third episode of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. It mainly focuses on the romances developing between Annie Desmond and Paolo Sandrini, and between Mary Maloney and Peter Lubov.


Italian stoker Mario Sandrini gets a job on the ship, and he also manages to secure passage for his brother Paolo, as the only foreign waiter in the First Class Dining Saloon. Paolo instantly becomes smitten with cabin steward Annie Desmond. Watson brings Lady Manton's jewel case down to steerage, and Barnes is shocked to discover why. Meanwhile, Paolo startles Annie with an impulsive gesture. Mary lets her guard down with Peter Lubov, enraging her husband Jim. But their argument is interrupted when the iceberg strikes, and fear builds in steerage as passengers find themselves behind locked gates. Lubov helps Mary and her children escape, and eventually, Jim and Lubov escape too. Lord Manton helps Mary and the children into a lifeboat but, in the scramble for safety, Mary's terrified daughter Theresa bolts back inside the sinking ship, followed by her father. Mario and the other Italians from Gatti's Restaurant have been locked in a storage cupboard and, after Paolo sees Annie safely to a lifeboat, he goes in search of his brother. The episode ends in a cliffhanger with Paolo standing outside the locked cupboard with the water quickly rising around him.

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