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Olaf Gunderson is a fictional character in the 1997 film Titanic. He was portrayed by Bjørn Olsen.

Role in the 1997 film[]

He was a Swede, a brother or cousin of Sven. They played poker with Jack Dawson and Fabrizio de Rossi shortly before the departure of RMS Titanic. After they lost their tickets for the RMS Titanic to Dawson, Olaf grasped him by the neck and landed a punch on Sven. Jack and Fabrizio rushed out, leaving the two to beat eachother up.

This 'unlucky' hand in poker turned out to save their lives, and Olaf probably thanked Sven for that.


  • The loss proved fortunate for Sven and Olaf after all as it likely saved their lives.
  • As it's shown that both Sven and Olaf's last name is Gunderson, indicating that they are somehow related with Bjorn and Olaus Gunderson.