Olga Elida Lundin was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic. She survived the sinking, while many of her companions died.

She was born on January 9th, 1889 the daughter of Gustafva Lundin she was from Svaneryd, Hallaryd, Småland, Sweden.

Olga Lundin had been visiting her place of birth, Hallaryd, and was returning to the United States. Her given destination was the home of her sister Jenny Lundin in Meriden.

Travelling from Sweden via Denmark she bought tickets for the Titanic in Copenhagen. She boarded the ship at Southampton as a Third Class passenger with her travelling companions Pål Andreasson, Albert Augustsson, her fiancée Nils Johansson and her brother-in-law Carl Jonsson.

In Third Class she shared a cabin with Gerda Dahlberg. It was later claimed that, because she could not stand the sea, Nils paid the extra to have her moved to second class, the truth of this is not known.

When the ship was sinking all five of them were standing near Lifeboat 10, she held Nils by her hand, but some sailors took her by her hands and legs and threw her into the lifeboat. Of the others only Carl was saved.

The Women's relief Committee gave her $75.

Olga later worked as a cook for among others for the Norwegian crown prince during his exile during WW2. In the middle of the 60s she returned to Sweden and lived in Osby. July 10th, 1961 newspaper told she had donated 10000 Kr to Hässleholm Hospital as thank for good treatment. She died in Osby on March 1st, 1973.

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