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Paolo Sandrini

Paolo Sandrini is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. He is the brother of Mario Sandrini and is played by Glen Blackhall.

Episode 1Edit

The Sandini brothers board the Titanic at Southampton, and they immediately find a beautiful stewardess, who tells them where to go. Paolo keeps staring at her, and Mario has to pull him along.

Paolo serves the Captain's table that night, and Smith asks him his name and how many Italian waiters there are in first class. Paolo answers "Just me", which seems to surprise Smith; throughout the miniseries, it is mentioned that the other Italian waiters are in the restaurant, making Paolo the only foreign waiter in first class. Paolo moves around the table to serve Georgiana Grex and Harry Widener, and flirtatiously winks to Georgiana.

Later, Mario shows Paolo to the firemen's dormitories. Once there, he is immediately insulted by Mario's boss, leading fireman Billy Blake. Paolo tries to fight back, but Mario prevents that. The other firemen leave in laughter.

Episode 2Edit

Paolo bumps into the beautiful stewardess, Annie Desmond, and asks the way to crew berths. He keeps looking at Annie and his brother Mario has to pull him along to his quarters.

Paolo heads to his berth, where he finds a waiter's uniform and jacket provided for him. The jacket doesn't fit, however, and Paolo, resigned, heads to the First Class Dining Saloon to begin his work. On the way there, he sees Mary Maloney, another pretty woman, and smiles to her. Mary closes the door in awe.

In the First Class Dining Saloon, Annie notices that Paolo's sleeves are too long, and she hems them for him.

Paolo serves the Captain's table that night, where he meets yet another pretty girl. Georgiana Grex takes some food off the platter he holds, and Paolo winks to her. Immediately, the Chief Steward summons him for a warning: flirting with rich passengers like the Mantons is very offensive.

That evening, Annie and Paolo meet at the very front of A Deck, on the starboard side of the ship. They both speak about the people they serve, and Annie mentions the incident of Mabel Watson's book. She jokes that Paolo is a bad influence, especially because she isn't allowed in First Class and that is where the two are. She wants to get back, but Paolo keeps following her. The romance between them starts to grow.

That Sunday evening, Titanic is sinking. Annie and Paolo are filling a lifeboat with women and children. Fourth Officer Boxhall forbids Paolo from allowing Second Class women into the lifeboats from A Deck; he thinks they have to board from the Boat Deck. Paolo almost clashes with Boxhall until First Officer Murdoch arrives and orders all women and children into the lifeboats.

Later, Paolo rushes from a lifeboat back inside. John Batley holds him back and asks if the boat is full. Paolo frees himself and rushes in.

Episode 3Edit

On boarding day, Paolo gets a job as a steward on board Titanic to replace an absent steward in the First Class Dining Saloon.

The Sandrinis board the Titanic and as they walk through the gangway, some actions from the previous episode are seen from their point of view. They pass the Maloney family, see a steward trying to open a locked cabin door, and hear a loud smash. It is revealed the steward who Paolo is replacing is absent because Mario got him drunk the evening before.

In the First Class Dining Saloon, a pretty stewardess fixes Paolo's sleeves. Paolo reveals to her his dream is to live in America. The Chief Steward wants to know why he is only half-dressed. The stewardess saves him. She finally says her name is Annie Desmond.

That evening however, Paolo has to tidy every cupboard on the ship after the incident with Lady Georgiana. When he finally returns to Annie, she already has to go. Paolo, desperate to spend some time with her, suggests to join her and 'work' her to her job along the Boat Deck.

After a walk on A Deck with Paolo in first class, Annie decides to get on. She says Paolo is a bad influence, making her be in first class when she shouldn't be. When she tries to reach the Boat Deck, Paolo says he wants to try to come with her. On the Boat Deck, Alice Cleaver is trying to walk Loraine Allison into submission. Annie proceeds to the Second Class entrance, where Seaman Royce tries to hold her back. Paolo has to intervene to let her pass.

That Sunday Evening, Paolo is preparing his table for only 2 people. He explains: "The Wideners are giving a dinner party for the Captain in Gatti's restaurant. They've asked the English Lord and his family, the Astors, the [Duff-]Gordons and the actress. So there's only the Rushtons left." Annie reveals she would love to work in the First Class Dining Saloon, with the men in tuxedo's and the women in dresses with tiaras. This makes Paolo bring up envy, which Annie doesn't believe in. As a reply, Paolo again mentions his dream to live in America, where he believes men can easily climb the social ladder. Annie asks what about a woman; Paolo moves on to what a couple could achieve. That's the center of his dreams. Annie apparently fails to notice he was talking about coupling up with her.

Paolo discusses the matter with his brother. Mario suggests to tell her his feelings, and that those feelings will be the same on dry land. Paolo struggles with the fact he can offer her nothing but big dreams. Right before he returns to the Dining Saloon, Mario suggests to him to offer her his dreams.

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