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Jak on ladnie spiewal.

—Polish Girl

Polish Girl is a fictional character in A Night to Remember (1958). She was the daughter of the Polish Mother and traveled aboard the Titanic as a third class passenger. She was also Patrick Murphy's love interest. Her name was never mentioned. She was portrayed by Christina Lubicz.

Role in the film[]

Polish Girl dancing with Patrick Murphy

Would you care to dance?"
"Co pan mòwi?"
"Czy moge zatanczyc?"
"Nie bedziesz tanczyc z nieznajomym."
"Oh, it is only a dance! Come on now!

Patrick Murphy, Polish Girl, and Polish Mother

She first appeared during a third class party, was staring flirtyly at Patrick Murphy, who was leading the song "Off to Philadelphia" with the other passengers. Murphy immediately approached her and asked her to dance even though her mother refused.

Patrick Murphy helps Polish Girl to put on her lifebelt

When the Titanic sank, she and her mother were assisted by Murphy to put on their life jackets, and joined Murphy's group consisting of Martin Gallagher, Kate Gilnagh, James Farrell and Mrs. Farrell headed for the upper deck.

The group arrives in the First Class Dining Saloon

Various obstacles were passed by her group to get to the boat deck, even James Farrell had protested to a steward to open the gate, and Martin Gallagher threatened to hit a steward who blocked their way. They finally stopped for a moment when they arrived at the first class dining saloon, while admiring the beauty and luxury of the first class facilities.

Polish Mother convinced Polish Girl to get into Lifeboat 16

Moje dziecko, idz! Moje dziecko, idz!

Polish Mother to Polish Girl

In the end they made it to the boat deck through the second class entrance, and headed for lifeboat 16 when they saw a woman hysterical about not wanting to leave her husband. Polish Girl parted ways with Murphy, Gallagher and James Farrell into Lifeboat 16 with the instigation of her mother.

Polish Girl with Patrick Murphy onboard the RMS Carpathia

After the Titanic sank, the Polish Girl was reunited with Patrick Murphy on board the RMS Carpathia, and prayed together for the victims who died in the sinking of the Titanic.