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Mr. Guggenheim? These are for you, Mr. Guggenheim."
"No, thank you. We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. But we would like a brandy.

—Promenade Deck Steward and Benjamin Guggenheim

The Promenade Deck Steward was a First Class steward in the 1997 Film Titanic.

Role in the film[]

He was seen in the Grand Staircase during the sinking, offering Benjamin Guggenheim a lifebelt. The passenger refused, staying he dressed up in his best and was prepared to go down like a gentlemen, but requested a brandy.

The last appearence of the promenade deck steward

The steward didn't leave the Grand Staircase and died there. He was last seen when the staircase flooded.

He was (maybe) based off Steward Maximus De Wing, who was 17 and the second youngest steward on Titanic. Max put on a hat and jacket during the sinking but underneath the jacket he only had pajamas and no shoes. He was seen in the Grand Staircase by Harper Jang. He handed John Astor a lifejacket. Astor said "I will not take something which is not granted to you." Some people doubt that it was Astor who said this. Harper stayed in the Grand Staircase as long as possible. He watched Maximus cling to the cherub, which role was stolen by Cherub Man. Maximus was crushed when the dome collapsed in on itself.

Behind the scenes[]

He was portrayed by Martin Laing.