Queenstown (Cobh) today.

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Queenstown (Cobh) location (red spot).

Queenstown (today Cobh) is a city on the southwest of Ireland. It was the last port Titanic arrived on her maiden voyage to before heading towards New York.

RMS TitanicEdit


Olympic arriving in Queenstown

On April 11th, 1912, at 11:30 A.M., RMS Titanic dropped anchor in Queenstown. Tenders PS Ireland and PS America were waiting in the dock to transport 123 passengers out to board - 63 men and 60 women, for many of whom Queenstown was the gateway to a great new world. Several of the crème de la crème passengers had boarded at Cherbourg, therefore passengers boarding at Queenstown consisted of only 3 First Class, 7 Second Class, and 113 Third Class ticket-holders.


This is the pier where the Queenstown passengers boarded tenders.

Some people who boarded Titanic in Southampton left here, with the most famous one being Francis Browne, a person that was most famous for photographs he made while being aboard.

List of passengers who boarded in QueenstownEdit

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