The RMS Oceanic (1870) was the White Star Line's first passenger liner. 


The RMS Oceanic was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast. She was launched on the 27th August 1870, and went on her maiden voyage on the 2nd March 1871 from Liverpool to New York. On her maiden voyage she only carried 64 passengers. Not long after departing, she had to return because of overheated bearings. Her voyage restarted on the 16th March. 

Oceanic continued sailing back and forth from Liverpool to New York under White Star Line until 1875, where she was chartered to Ocidental and Oriental Steamship Company for service between San Francisco, Yokohama, and Hong Kong. White Star Line continued providing the officers for the ship, but the crew were Chinese.

Collision with City of ChesterEdit

On the 22nd August 1888, the Oceanic collided with the coastal liner City of Chester and the City of Chester sank as a result, killing 16 people onboard.


In 1895 the Oceanic was returned to White Star Line who planned on returning her to their service. She was sent to Harland and Wolff however they deemed it uneconomical to perform the needed work. She was sold for scrap, leaving Belfast for the last time under tow on the 10th February 1896, to be scrapped. Not long after, plans were laid down for a new RMS Oceanic, with a more modern design.

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