Titanic engines

The Reciprocating Engine room today.

Titanic's Reciprocating Engine Room was located between the Turbine Room and Boiler Room 1. It contained the two reciprocating engines, the feedwater heaters, the ship’s refrigeration plant, and other auxiliary equipment.

There are no images of the Reciprocating Engine Room, but the 1997 Film Titanic gives a good example of how the room looked like and how it worked. Titanic's top speed was 24 knots which was 27 mph. At the time of the collision, Titanic was sailing at 21 knots, even though popular belief claims she was at top speed. These engines were used to power the starboard and port wing propellers.

The Reciprocating Engine Room was compromised when the double bottom broke up and took the forward cylinders with them

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The Collision Sequence of Events (TITANIC MINI DOCUMENTARY)-0

The Collision Sequence of Events (TITANIC MINI DOCUMENTARY)-0

at 11:00 in the video the new sequence of events begins

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