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Sam Bradbury is one of the main characters in the movie, Titanic: The Legend Goes On, voiced by Mickey Knox.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sam is a bumbling and mostly useless detective who dresses like Sherlock Holmes and smokes his trademark pipe. He pursued Corynthia, Kirk, Dirk, and Tiger for apparently quite some time and promised to quit smoking if he catches them. He followed them on the Titanic and met Rhoda and Smith on board. After the Titanic sinks, he is rescued by Angelica and her mother while they believe it is William in the water. Sam and Angelica both pull William out of the water and Sam tells Stockard to shut up. Sam finally managed to apprehend, catch, and send Corynthia and Tiger to prison, while Kirk, and Dirk somehow evaded this. Soon after, he replaced pipe with lollipop, and adopted Fritz and Flopsy.

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