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The Second Class Library was located on C Deck, at the aft end of the Titanic's superstructure, overlooking the aft well deck and poop deck. It served as the equivalent to the First Class Lounge. It was a room in which to read books, socialize, have afternoon Tea, play cards, write letters and for relaxation.

Decorated in the Adam style, it was paneled in contrasting light sycamore and dark mahogany with columned accents. There were fluted, white-painted wooden columns throughout the room supporting a coffered plaster ceiling. Mahogany chairs and tables furnished the room, with writing desks by the windows with lamps and a large bookcase which functioned as the lending library. This room combined the functions of the library, lounge, writing room, and drawing room.

Inside the vestibule of the Aft Second Class Entrance, the quintet would play 3 times a day in Second Class:

  • A performance from 10am-11am
  • another performance from 5pm-6pm
  • and a concert from 9:15pm-10:15pm

Eyewitnesses have written in their letters of hearing an orchestra playing nearby.

Wreck[edit | edit source]

The wall of the library and the wall of the enclosed promenade are now indiscernible.

At the time, the condition of the 2nd class library is unknown due to its location within the extensively damaged 350 foot long stern section of the ship, it is thought that this part of the ship had not completely flooded when titanic sank, the stern section gained speed on the descent to the bottom after hitting the sea floor. The decks pancaked on top of each other and pockets of trapped air imploded ripping apart large sections of the hull leaving a tangled mass of steel.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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