B deck prom

2nd Class B Deck promenade

C-Prom Windows

2nd Class Enclosed promenade on C Deck.

The Second Class Promenade was an exterior and interior area reserved for Second Class passengers. It occupied the aft end of the Boat Deck. There was also the enclosed promenade on C Deck and promenade on B Deck.

During the last stages of the sinking, most of the passengers still on board congregated here, to escape the rising waters.

Wreck Edit

The starboard 20 meters of Boat Deck alongside the raised roof of the First Class Smoke Room peeled up and hangs over the side exposing the floor joists over the 1st class promenade below. It is a very prominent feature of the wreck.

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2nd Class enclosed promenade rendering

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2nd Class enclosed promenade rendering

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