The 2nd class Purser's office was located on E Deck, opposite the aft Second Class Staircase. The purser was Reginald L. Barker.


The safe for the 2nd class purser's office ended up in the debris field.

In popular cultureEdit

The Second Class Purser's Office is shown in the episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the 2012 mini-series. The mini-series depicts the scenes near the Purser's Office as a scene of panic as passengers try to get their valuables, before 5th Officer Lowe orders the purser to close the office. Lawrence Beesley in his account of the sinking reported there was no large crowds of passengers at the Purser's Office wanting to retrieve their valuables. He did however hear the safe door clang shut and the hasty step of someone heading towards first class while he was ascending nearby stairs.

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