The Second Class Staircase is the main access staircase for Second Class passengers aboard the RMS Titanic. Located at the aft of the ship, behind the First Class Aft Grand Staircase, there were 2 stairwells.

  • The forward staircase spiraled down from the Boat Deck to F Deck, but it had no exit on A Deck, as that was an exclusively First Class deck. It was equipped with a lift operated by Reginald Ivan Pacey. Having a lift attendant in Second Class was an innovation at the time.
  • The aft staircase was located below the aft mast. Although it had no elevator, it was was all paneled in wood, with white and red linoleum tiles on the floor. There were a couple of wicker chairs on each landing. It spanned from B Deck to F Deck and gave access to various locations like the Second Class Promenade, the Second Class Library, the Second Class Dining Room, and the Second Class cabins on F Deck.
  • Both stairways were more modestly designed than their First-class counterparts; the balustrades were made entirely of oak and the flooring was in white and red patterned linoleum.

The upcoming game Titanic: Honor and Glory is the first game to really show the differences between the two Second Class Staircases.

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