Second and Third Class is the second episode of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. It mainly focuses on the Maloney family and the Batley couple.


Going back to before the ship's ill-fated voyage, the designers of the ship are in conflict over how many lifeboats should be on the boat. One of them hires Irishman Jim Maloney to get a more competent team to finish the behind-schedule electrical wiring, in exchange for transporting his family to America for a new life. Although his wife, Mary, is unsure of the move, they go anyway and Jim manages to secure the family a room in third class. However, a stranger and fellow passenger, Peter, makes Mary wary by constantly appearing nearby and soon makes the acquaintance of Mary's husband. Meanwhile, Italian fireman Mario's brother, Paolo Sandrini, catches the eye of a beautiful stewardess, Annie Desmond. The couple from Episode one, John and Muriel Batley, are shown having a turbulent time in their marriage. The ship hits the iceberg, and the Maloney family is trapped below decks. Peter steps out by attacking one of the stewards so Mary and her children can pass; however, both he and Jim are trapped below decks. Mary and her children manage to get on board a lifeboat, but the Batleys are not so lucky and the cliffhanger shows them with Second Officer Lightoller, the Earl of Manton and Harry Widener attempting to right an overturned lifeboat as the water reaches the boat deck.

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