Sidney Edward Daniels (November 19th, 1893 - May 25th, 1983) was a third class steward on the RMS Titanic and the last surviving crew member of the sinking. He was born in Hampshire.

On the night of the sinking, Daniels reported that he was in his bunk when a night watchmen came in and told them to get dressed and up on deck. He recalled assisting women and children to the boats until all but the last two collapsible boats remained. He assisted working at collapsible B until he described being up to his knees in water; following a quick glance around the deck, he jumped up onto the rail beside a davit and struck out for the water, where he swam around for a couple of minutes before climbing aboard collapsible B. Sid reported men saying the Lord's prayer in unison. He also said that he informed a man near to him that he was exhausted and needed to sleep; the man berated him and told him to stay awake, otherwise he might not wake up again. The occupants of the upturned boat were later rescued and taken aboard the Carpathia.

Daniels was the last surviving member of Titanic's crew. He died in Portsmouth on May 25th, 1983; aged 89.


Sid Daniels on Encylopedia Titanica

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