Sookee, an peking dog owned by Grace Rushton in the 2012 Miniseries Titanic

Sookee is a Pekinese owned by Grace Rushton. Sookee was locked in the dog kennels with the other dogs. Grace Rushton is always worried about Sookee and complains to her husband.

Grace Rushton and John Jacob Astor, with their dogs

Grace and John Jacob Astor visits the kennels and walk the dogs on the promenade deck every day. During Titanic's sinking, Grace refused to enter Lifeboat 3 because she didn't want to leave her dog. Her husband said that maybe the cage was nowhere to be found or maybe she had already been drowned.

Sookee on her owner arm

Grace Rushton took Sookee and Kittt into Emergency Lifeboat 2

During the loading of Emergency Lifeboat 2, Grace is still forced by Joseph to get into the boat. Luckily, John Jacob Astor arrives with Sookee, Kitty, and the other dogs.

"No dog on the boats"

J.J gave Kitty to Grace and brought her into Emergency Lifeboat 2, but was rejected by 4th Officer Boxhall, but was protested by Grace. Sookee remains in the lifeboat with her owner waiting for RMS Carpathia.

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