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The Titanic featured a squash racquet court in the bow, deep within the ship on G Deck. It measured 30 ft long by 20 ft wide and, like the Gymnasium, had its own instructor on staff, Mr. Frederick Wright. The charge to play was 2 shillings (£10 in 2020) or $0.50 ($13.10 in 2020), for half an hour. However, if there were many people waiting, play time would be limited to 2 sessions, 1 hour, per person.

There was an accompanying Spectator's Gallery on F Deck overlooking the court. It could be entered only by a separate staircase starting on D Deck, from where a passenger would descend the three decks past the viewing platform to descend a stairway to G Deck and turn right once more, before opening the door leading to the Squash Court.

The room flooded just minutes after Captain Smith gave the order to send for help - about midnight on the night of the sinking.


This room is unexplored, and its condition is unknown. It could be in good condition due to being an interior room. However, it also could be damaged or destroyed due to the 10-degree bend in the forward well deck and forecastle deck.

Popular culture[]

Titanic (1943)[]

The Squash Racquet Court was shown in the 1943 film. Interestingly, instead of being on G Deck, this squash court is located on the sun deck, just behind the third funnel (filmed on SS Cap Arcona).

The court is first appeared on the morning of 14 April, where first class passengers were seen having fun and playing on that sunny morning. Later, the court is seen again in the background when Franzl and Hedi are talking.