The Titanic's squash/raquet court was located on G Deck with the entrance on D Deck.The room was staffed by an instructor, like the gymnasium. The facility included a viewing gallery on F Deck above. It cost $0.50 for a reservation in 1912, a price which would be approximately equivalent to $12.39 in 2017.

Entry was on D Deck, with a single staircase leading down to E Deck and then down to F Deck. 1st-Class passengers would then turn right and head back along the stairway before turning right again and passing the Spectator's Gallery. They would then descend a stairway to G Deck and turn right once more, before opening the door leading to the Squash Court.

The room flooded just minutes after Captain Smith gave the order to send for help.

Wreck Edit

This room is probably in good condition due to being an interior room. Howeve, it’s probably damaged or destroyed due to the 10 degree bend in the well deck and forecastle deck.