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The Steerage Man 2 was a fictional Third Class passenger from the 1997 Film Titanic.

When the ship was sinking, he tried to get to get out of steerage, only to be held back by Steward 3 at a closed Bostwick Gate. When he finally opened the gate for women, a man squeezed through and Steerage Man 2 tried to escape as well. The stewards managed to hold him back, push him back into steerage and lock the gate again.

The actor in another scene

His portrayer is unknown, but it's probably a stunt performer, as that actor made another appearence in a later scene. A woman on the boat deck is pushed over the ship's side and clings to a lifeboat being lowered. Steerage Man 2's portrayer pulles her back on the ship. He is wearing the same costume[1].

  1. Chronologically, Steerage Man 2 cannot have escaped steerage yet, so those were 2 different characters