Steward Taylor was a fictional 1st class Bedroom Steward in the 2012 Miniseries Titanic.


After the iceberg collision, he orders passengers on deck with lifejackets, on Captain's orders.

When he arrives at the Manton's cabin, Georgiana enters the room, already wearing a lifejacket. Now that the family is united, they can go to the deck.

Steward Taylor moves to the next cabin where he says the same: "Everyone on deck, Captain's orders, bring lifejackets."

The next cabin is from the Allison family. Once the family hears the steward, they jump out of their beds, Alice gets the baby while Bess goes to Loraine.

Soon, the entire gangway is filled with First Class passengers. Steward Taylor is shouting some orders, but the Earl of Manton decides to use a way through second class to get to the Boat Deck.[1]

While the first lifeboats are being launched, Steward Taylor gets new orders from Chief Officer Wilde. Steerage passengers are going to pass through the corridors and Wilde does not want any looting. Steward Taylor says: "Might as well go to the thieves as the fishes". Wilde answers: "That's exactly the kind of talk we neither want nor need."

Steward Taylor starts to knock on every cabin door, and he locks it with secure locks when he gets no reply.

He does the same at the Manton's cabin, and closes the secure locks. He doesn't know Miss Watson is still in the cabin, panically looking for her book she didn't hear him knocking.

Barnes tries to free her, but the key is no good because of the secure locks. Barnes then tries to smash the door, which doesn't work either. Then Steward Taylor arrives and wants to report Barnes for spoiling White Star property. Then he opens the secure locks, freeing Miss Watson.[2]

His eventual fate is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed by Thomas Aldridge.[1] Parts of his character appear to be taken from the Scotland Road Steward of the 1997 Film Titanic, when he chides Barnes for "spoiling White Star property".

At other moments, he functions as a regular steward, executing several passenger-related orders like telling them to go on deck with lifejackets or locking their cabin doors to prevent looting.

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