Sultānah Būlus[1] was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic. She died in the sinking.

She was born as Sultānah Rizq in Sar’al, Lebanon around 1872.

She was married to Harry Būlus (b. 1865), a farmer, and they had several children. Her husband had emigrated to Kent in Ontario, Canada several years previously and worked as a bus driver for the Rankin House Hotel there but made several trips back to Lebanon. By 1912 Sultānah was still working the family farm but decided to join her husband in Canada and would be bringing her two younger children with her, Nūr al-'ayn Būlus (b. 1902) and Akar Būlus (b. 1905).

Sultānah and her two children departed from their home village in mid-March 1912 before travelling to Marseille, France via Beirut and onward to Cherbourg. They boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on April 10th, 1912 as Third Class passengers (ticket number £2678 which cost £15, 4s, 11d). Travelling with them were a number of others from their locality, including Kātrīn Yūsuf, née Rizq, and her two young children 2 and Bākhūs Rafūl-Būlus.

Sultānah Būlus and her two children were lost in the sinking. Their bodies, if recovered, were never identified.

  1. often referred to as Boulos
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