Susan "Susie" Webber (July 2nd, 1874 - January 20th, 1952) was a Second Class passenger of the Titanic. She survived the sinking.

She was the daughter of Mr Richard Webber, (Farmer and Carpenter) and Mrs. Elizabeth Webber (nee Chapman). She was sister to Maud, Ernest and Ann.

Her passage to the USA was obtained through Mr Hawking, Booking Agent of Bude, Cornwall. The evening prior to her departure, amidst much excitement, a family farewell was held at her home, at which friends from nearby, Lewis and Owen Braund attended. They too were to travel on Titanic, albeit in Third Class.

Susie embarked the Titanic at Southampton. She occupied Second Class cabin E-101, which she shared with Miss Edwina C. Troutt and Nora Keane. Her ticket was #27267 and cost £13.

Susan Webber survived the disaster on board Lifeboat 12. She had been travelling on Titanic to emigrate to her nephew Charles E. Webber of Hartford, Connecticut. She remained in the USA living with him and his wife, Kathleen, at 3 Forest Street, Rocky Hill, Hartford County, Connecticut, acting as their housekeeper for the rest of her life. She became an active member of the Grange and the Congregational Church.

At the age of 77 she was admitted to the Hartford Hospital, after suffering from coronary complications. She passed away on January 20th, 1952.

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