The Jews of the Titanic A Reflection of the Jewish World on the Epic Disaster
The Jews of the Titanic: A Reflection of the Jewish World on the Epic Disaster
is a Titanic book written by Eli Moskowitz.

Plot Edit

During an era when millions of Jews were fleeing the pogroms of Eastern Europe, the RMS Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage. At the time, she was the largest and most luxurious ship ever built and many of her 2,200 passengers were Jewish. At 23:40, April 14, (28th of Nissan 5672) the Titanic swiped an iceberg and sank within two and a half hours and many passengers & crew lost their lives. The sinking of the Titanic was one of the worst and well known maritime disasters of the 20th century. The grief was universal and shared by people of many nations and religions.

This book focuses on the lives and deaths of the Jewish passengers who sailed on the Titanic. It covers various Jewish aspects of the voyage and of the sinking. Aspects, such as keeping kosher, the Agunot dilemma and Jewish burial. The book outlines the life story of the passengers and the effect the disaster made on world Jewry. This book is the result of a long research on the subject, including an attempt to compose a unique and complete list of all the Jews who sailed on the Titanic, and identifying many of them who were previously unknown.

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