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Theresa Maloney

Theresa Maloney is a fictional character from the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. She appears in all 4 episodes.

She is played by Georgia McCutcheon.

Episode 1Edit

Theresa Maloney lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is thought to be between the ages of 9-11. She lives with her mom, dad, 2 brothers and sister. They board the Titanic at Southampton as her father was offered passage for him and his family to go to America.

In Southampton, her father Jim tells them they have to hurry. Theresa is slacking, so her mother Mary calls her.

That Sunday evening, the ship is sinking.

Episode 2Edit

Jim makes sure his whole family has a cabin together. Normally, he would be at the bow with his boys, while Mary ended up at the stern with Theresa and her sister. However, Jim goes to the cabin at the bow and takes away the card with their names on.

Episode 3Edit

Episode 4Edit

When the Titanic starts sinking the Maloneys board a lifeboat. Hearing First Officer Murdoch saying "Anymore and the boat will split", Theresa panics and jumps out of the lifeboat back onto the sinking Titanic. A seaman in the lifeboat tries to grab her, but he's too late. Jim goes to look for her among the crowds of people.

Eventually, Jim finds himself down a long corridor filling up fast with water and he finds Theresa behind a door. As he hugs her and she says "What will we do, Dad?" he realizes that the third class gate is locked and the water is rising fast. He tries to open it but gives up as he knows that they will both die either way. He comforts her and tells her that everything will be alright and they hug as the water rise. Jim and Theresa both drown and go down with the ship.

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