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Honor and Glory render

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Rendering of the 3rd class dining room flooding

Third Class Dining Room was located on F Deck, down a stairwell from Scotland Road. It was divided in two by a watertight bulkhead.

Seating was at the customary long tables each accommodating up to 22 people. Both rooms together had a capacity of 400, with a provision for two sittings if Third Class was heavily booked. The room was bare and decorated in enameled white and brightened by sidelights. There was no cloakroom; instead third-class passengers simply hung their own coats on the dozens of hooks spaced around the room. Freshly baked bread and fruit was available at every meal. The forward room was reserved for families & single women and the aft room was reserved for single men. The uptake shafts from Boiler Rooms 2 and 3 partially occupied spaces in both rooms, dividing them into four different sections. There were some sections paneled in pine, but otherwise only steel painted in white enamel and hung with posters advertising other White Star ship.

On the day that Titanic sank, third class passengers enjoyed oatmeal porridge and milk, vegetable stew, fried tripe and onions, bread and butter, marmalade, Swedish bread, tea, and coffee for breakfast. The lunch menu consisted of Bouillon soup, roast beef and brown gravy, boiled green beans, potatoes, cabin biscuits, bread, and prunes and rice. Finally, for dinner, the menu was Rabbit pie, baked potatoes, bread and butter, rhubarb and ginger jam, Swedish bread, and tea.

In many instances, this was the best food a typical emigrant passenger had ever had.

The upcoming game Titanic: Honor and Glory will feature the Dining Room along with the rest of the ship, bringing it to life like never before seen.

During the Sinking Edit

At 1:00 A.M., water began to seep in Scotland Road. It isn't exactly known what time the Third Class Dining began to flood but it most likely began to flood from maybe 1:10-1:30.

Wreck Edit

The aft half of the dining room was caught in the tear and collapse. The galley and pantry aft were lost to the debris field. The forward dining room was probably crushed by the decks above.

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