The Third-Class Open Space was a very large room all the way forward in the ship on D Deck, directly underneath the Forward Well Deck above. It could be entered from outside via two wide staircases off the good deck or from below via another set of staircases from E Deck. While it had tables and chairs installed along the Port and Starboard sides, as the title suggests the room was mostly open space ideal for dances and socializing. There were a bar and numerous drinking fountains throughout the room.

The Open Space was much used to come together and play music, play cards, drink beers and dance on tables and moving around poles, by the steerage people. That was a party for them. The first class cabins where just behind the open space and strictly separated by a bulkhead.

This room was shown in the 1997 movie, the 2012 miniseries, Family Guy (and other Titanic media) but it often gets confused with the 3rd Class General Room on C Deck.

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