3rd smoker

The new location of the 3rd class smoke room on the Olympic, later on in her career. It was in the former 3rd class open space

With its checkered linoleum floors and oak wall paneling, the Third Class Smoke Room was located on C Deck. Used exclusively by male passengers, Ale and Beer would probably be available. Card playing was one of the popular activities. The Third Class Promenade and General Room were nearby as well as the Third Class main entrance. During the sinking, many lower class passengers gathered here when all lifeboats had gone.

The Smoke Room, like the general room, was modestly appointed with pine-paneled walls painted white, linoleum floor tiling, and long wooden benches for seating. The Smoking Room, a male-only domain, featured its own bar, spittoons, and tables attached to the floor for card playing and other activities.


It features nothing of its original form and sports only light debris that's sprinkled about. The forward end of this room collapsed onto D Deck.

Differences to Sisters

HMHS/RMS Britannic

On Britannic, the smoke room was moved to B Deck and the hospital facilities was moved to the former smoke room space. The general room stayed in the same location. The new B Deck location would’ve gave passengers a better view of the ocean had Britannic returned to civilian service

RMS Olympic

On the Olympic, this room started out as the smoke room for 3rd class. Later on in Olympic's service, the 3rd class smoke room was moved to D Deck. The Tourist Smoke Room later filled in this area.

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