Titanic in Hydro Thunder

Tinytanic is a small speedboat of the RMS Titanic in the speedboat racing game Hydro Thunder.

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Hydro Thunder Tinytanic Racing

Tinytanic about to collect the Boost.

It's one of the four bonus boats. You can only unlock them to get Tinytanic if you unlock the bonus tracks by winning all three hard tracks. Tinytanic is one of the coolest speedboats in the game. You can race it on any of thirteen tracks. If the Tinytanic collects the boost the fourth funnel in the back bends down and shots out a jet flame so it will zoom super fast like the other speed boats. Tinytanic is a cool Titanic speedboat in Hydro Thunder. You would want to use it in any boat race.


Tinytanic has an awesome way of boosting when it collects the boost on any of the Hydro Thunder tracks with the way the fourth funnel bends down and shots out a jet flame to make it zoom fast. That's what could help it win any of the boat races. You would love racing as this boat in the game.

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Tinytanic also appeared in the other Hydro Thunder game, Hydro Thunder Go. Only in Hydro Thunder, the funnels were orange, and in Hydro Thunder Go, they were yellow.


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