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Titanic: An Illustrated History is a 1992 book written by Don Lynch which details the life of Titanic from Bruce Ismay's and James Pirrie's ideas to the Maiden voyage, the sinking and the aftermath. As well as telling the story of the sinking, the book gives the reader an insight into the passengers and their experience of Titanic before and after the collision with the iceberg.

The book is illutrated by Ken Marschall, who is well known for his paintings of Titanic.


  • Introduction. A brief introduction by Robert Ballard, the man who first found Titanic at the bottom of the Ocean.
  • Building the Legend. Building of Titanic and Sea trials.
  • The Voyage Begins. Passengers arrive and Titanic departs, almost hitting the New York and stops at Cherbourg and Queenstown .
  • Ship of Dreams. A guide to the locations onboard.
  • That Fateful Sunday. What passengers and crew were up to during Titanic's final day.
  • A Deadly Encounter. Titanic hits the iceberg and there is confusion between passengers and crew to what exactly what happened.
  • To the Lifeboats. Passengers are put on lifeboats although many still believe it is safe on the ship.
  • Death of a Titan. The final moments of Titanic before she breaks apart and sinks.
  • Rescue. What is was like in the lifeboats before being rescued by Carpathia.
  • Aftermath. Aftermath of the disaster.
  • Questions.
  • Discovery.
  • The Titanic Legacy.


  • Hardback versions are going for over £100 on Internet stores.
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