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Titanic: Secrets Revealed is a 1998 TV documentary hosted by Bernard Hill, actor of Captain Smith in the 1997 film Titanic. It tells the story of her departure, maiden voyage and sinking, and discovery of the wreck, with special attention to the 1987 expedition to the wreck. The show has been enriched with interwiews of Titanic survivors Eva Hart and Edith Haisman. On several places, the story has been simplified, unwillingly creating historical errors.

The documentary recycled cutscenes originally from Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Character Actor
Host Bernard Hill
Captain Smith Don Rutherford
Bruce Ismay Louis Slaughter
Molly Brown Morgan Hill
First Officer Murdoch Courtenay Pace
Thomas Andrews Vern Urich
Young Eva Hart Tanya Cohen
Young Edith Haisman Nicole Torrence
Fourth Officer Boxhall Glen McDougal
Captain Lord Jerry August
Captain Rostron Eric Lawrence
Ida Straus Inge Campbell
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