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Titanic: The Legend Goes On is a 2001 Italian animated film about the RMS Titanic and its sinking in 1912.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The film centers on a poor girl named Angelica who works for her stepmother and step-sisters. They travel the RMS Titanic along with other passengers. She then meets a rich man named William, who is traveling with his nanny to America. Angelica and William meet in the hallway the fall in love instantly. As their relationship grows, the Titanic meets its fate and strikes an iceberg.

The ship starts to sink, and Angelica is separated from William during the evacuation. She makes it to a lifeboat and watches the sinking of the Titanic, fearing that William did not survive the sinking. It is then revealed that William's nanny is Angelica's mother, and they find William alive. An epilogue shows that Angelica and William married and lived "happily ever after"; although Molly, Captain Smith, Jeremy McFlannel, and Winnie died in the sinking.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Release[edit | edit source]

The film was released in 2001 in Italy and Canada, making copies of the movie hard to find. In 2009, the whole movie was released on YouTube, receiving a large amount of criticism.

Reasons for criticism[edit | edit source]

The movie has been called offensive because of the so-called "happily ever after" ending, making people think that the maker of the film missed the tragic event of the setting of the film. There are many rip-offs of Disney movies, including the Cinderella-like story, elements from Don Bluth’s Anastasia and the fact that the dalmatians in the film have almost the same appearance as the dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians and poor animation and recycling of audio and animation are other issues.

The poor animation can be seen throughout the movie, but especially seen in the scene where the gate to third class is opened during the sinking and two women are seen moving in place, but not walking.

The American cut has been very notorious amongst filmgoers for how different it was compared to the Italian cut. One example is the scene where Fritz, instead of telling Maxie to check with him when he decides to go off on his own, immediately sings his song, which has been infamously changed to a song called "Party Time", which had not been featured in the Italian dub.

Missing important characters[edit | edit source]

Historical inaccuracies[edit | edit source]

Factual errors[edit | edit source]

  • We see that Angelica is third class and when she meets William she goes to First this was not possible in reality as social classes were segregated
  • The orchestra did not have a woman who sang, it only had people playing
  • The way of acting of the passengers during the Sinking is exaggerated and stretched you met reality. Since many passengers were reluctant when ordered to come up on deck, put on life jackets and climb into lifeboats, they only panicked when the last boats were filling up and deck B began to sink
  • The dogs and other animals put on the titanic They are wrong since there were only dogs of European culture such as Pomeranians, Pekingese and Great Danes
  • Collapsible D I did not rescue the survivors those were the boats 14 and the Collapsible B, Despite that, according to survivors, so did Lifeboats 6 and 8
  • I did not rescue the survivors In reality, the chef did not climb into a pot and rescue the animals but got drunk and swam for two whole hours and was rescued by the were the Collapsible B
  • The ship did not split in 2 when it sank with the four chimneys but it split between the third or fourth chimney
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