Titanic is a 1997 romance-disaster film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic tells the story of the RMS Titanic's ill-fated maiden voyage from the perspective of fictional characters, Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater and shows the two passengers from different social classes meeting and falling in love on the Titanic before it sinks after colliding with an iceberg.

At the time, Titanic was the most expensive film ever made (costing approximately US$200 million), partially funded by Paramount Pictures and 20t Century Fox. It was the highest-grossing film of 1997, beating The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Men in Black, Batman & Robin, Hercules, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Fifth Element, Anastasia, Flubber and Alien Resurrection. Titanic achieved critical and commercial success on its release and remained the highest-grossing film of all time for 12 years before being dethroned by 2009's Avatar, also directed by James Cameron.

A 3-D version of Titanic was released in theaters on April 4th, 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking disaster event.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In 1996, a treasure hunting team, led by Brock Lovett, dives to the wreck of the Titanic aboard one of the submersibles of Akademik Mstislav Keldysh in their search for a necklace with a rare diamond, known as the Heart of the Ocean. They discover a safe and upon opening it, fail to find the diamond except a nude drawing of a woman wearing the said jewelry. The discovery gains the attention of an elderly pottery businesswoman named Rose Dawson-Calvert and her granddaughter, Lizzy. After contacting the team and revealing her identity as the woman in the drawing, Rose and Lizzy are flown to the Keldysh where they meet the team and take up residence there. After the team exhibits the artifacts recovered from the wreck and gives forensic detail on the sinking, Rose reveals her story about her experiences onboard the doomed luxury liner.

In 1912, a 17-year old Rose, then known as Rose DeWitt Bukater is returning to America on Titanic with her fiancée Caledon Nathan "Cal" Hockley and mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater. Despite being from a very wealthy background, Rose finds herself trapped in this marriage so that Cal can have his trophy wife and Ruth can get the money from Cal's family to pay off the debts from her late husband. Not long into the journey after departing from Queenstown, Rose decides that suicide is the only way out.

Jack Dawson is a traveler who never stays in one place for long. He finds himself in a bar at a poker game with two Swedish men who are about to board Titanic. One of the Swedish men bets their Titanic tickets and Jack wins the game, and thus the tickets, with a full house. So Jack and his Italian friend, Fabrizio De Rossi take their winnings and board the Titanic. They befriend Irishman Thomas "Tommy" Ryan and whilst hanging out on C Deck, Jack catches the eye of a beautiful woman on A Deck, falling in love.

That night, Jack is relaxing with a cigarette when a woman, no less the same woman he saw during the day, runs past him. Jack investigates and sees the woman about to commit suicide by jumping off the stern of the ship. Jack intervenes and convinces her to reconsider this idea but as she climbs back over, Rose slips but is saved by Jack. Thinking that Jack raped the young woman, two officers summon the Master-at-Arms, along with Cal and Spicer Lovejoy. Rose makes up a story about attempting to see the propellers, to cover Jack and hide the fact that she was attempting to kill herself. With this revelation, Jack is invited to dine at First Class as a reward.

The next day, Jack and Rose take a stroll around the Boat Deck and Rose discovers that Jack is something of an expert in drawing. After a brief encounter with Ruth, Jack prepares himself for dining in first class, with help from Margaret "Molly" Brown. The dinner goes well as the first-class passengers take a liking to Jack. Afterward, the party breaks apart and the men retreat to the Smoking Room, of which Jack refuses the offer to join in on. Before leaving, Jack passes a note to Rose, requesting to meet him at the clock.

When doing so, Rose is invited to a "real party" in Third Class where there is Irish dancing. Jack, Rose, Fabrizio, and Tommy dance with many others to happy music. Jack and Rose at one point own the dance floor before the entire party begins a daisy chain. Unknown to anyone, Lovejoy is watching and reports Rose's actions to Cal. Rose returns to her stateroom for lunch with Cal, where he reveals his anger at what Rose did and instructs her to stay away from Jack. Soon after, Ruth reminds Rose why it is so important for the family that she marries Cal, telling her also that she is not to see that boy again.

Jack attempts to see Rose again during a church service but is led away by Lovejoy. So Jack sneaks up to the Boat Deck by stealing a First Class passenger's hat and jacket. Rose and Cal at the time are being taken on a tour by Thomas Andrews where it is revealed there are not enough lifeboats for everyone on board. During the tour, Rose is stolen away by Jack who informs her that she is trapped and that Cal and Ruth will use her for their needs and then she will get weak with age and die. Rose ignores Jack and instructs him to never approach her again as she has already chosen Cal. But during dinner, she realizes that her heart truly remains with Jack.

As the sun sets, Jack is sulking at the bow, thinking he has lost the woman he loves, when Rose appears behind him, revealing that she changed her mind. Without saying another word, Jack tells her to close her eyes and guides her up on the railings at the front. When she opens her eyes, Rose feels as if she is flying and the two kiss for the first time. Back in 1996, old Rose reveals that this is the last time Titanic ever saw daylight.

Jack and Rose return to Rose's stateroom where Rose requests that Jack draw her wearing the Heart of the Ocean and nothing else. Jack remains a professional and carries out the duties requested by him from a paying customer. But as they admire his work, Jack and Rose are forced to make their escape from the stateroom as Lovejoy returns. Thus begins a chase down the ship as Lovejoy gives chase after Jack and Rose. The duo manages to evade the bodyguard when they escape into the guts of the ship.

Jack and Rose reach the cargo hold at the front of the ship and make love in a car. Afterward, the lovers make their way up to C Deck where Rose reveals that when the ship docks in New York, she wants to leave with Jack. Their love is true and they are together. Above them in the crow’s nest, Frederick Fleet watches the lovebirds but as he returns to looking ahead with Reginald Lee, an iceberg at that moment appears out of the darkness, directly in the path of Titanic. Fleet sounds the bell and phones the bridge. James Paul Moody responds and is informed by Fleet that there is an iceberg right ahead. Moody informs William Murdoch, who orders Robert Hichens to turn the ship "Hard to Starboard" and the Titanic begins to evade the oncoming iceberg. Murdoch also switches the engine telegraph to "Full Astern" to slow down the ship. In the engine room and boiler rooms, the engine to the center propeller is stopped, and the port and starboard propellers reverse directions at full speed, slowing down the ship. The crew manages to avoid a head-on, but it is not enough, and Titanic collides with the iceberg on the starboard side, punching holes into the hull through five watertight compartments, allowing thousands of gallons of seawater to surge into the ship. Jack and Rose to watch as the Iceberg grazes alongside the ship, sending small chunks of ice falling onto the decks. Murdoch shuts the watertight doors as the ship clears the berg, though the catastrophe has just begun...

After the iceberg collision[edit | edit source]

Aware of the collision, Jack and Rose return to the latter's stateroom to inform Cal and Ruth. In the corridor, they meet up with Lovejoy and they arrive to find the Master-of-Arms there, as well. Security officers search Jack and find the missing Heart of the Ocean in Jack's coat. A confused Rose watches as Jack is taken away by security as she is led up to the boat deck with Cal and Ruth. Meanwhile, In the crew quarters, important figures gather, including Captain Edward John Smith, Joseph Bruce Ismay, and Thomas Andrews. The crew had inspected the damage and Andrews had a final verdict. Here, Andrews reveals that Titanic has taken too much water and that within an hour (maybe two), she will sink. Crew members begin to gather passengers to be put into lifeboats. The atmosphere on the ship is calm as many passengers are unaware of the danger that they are in.

As women and children are to take the lifeboats above men, Ruth and Molly board one and Rose is invited too but her heart still remains with Jack and flees. Ruth's lifeboat is then lowered into the water despite her protest. Rose climbs down the decks and runs into Thomas Andrews, who reveals the location of Jack. Rose rides the elevator down to E deck and makes her to way to the room where Jack is handcuffed to a thick white pipe. After a lover’s reunion, Rose goes off to find help to free Jack. But after finding help from bystanders to no avail, she uses a fire ax to break Jack free, and they begin their escape to the Boat Deck.

As they reach the Boat Deck, Jack and Rose find most of the lifeboats gone, but as they run to one of the remaining lifeboats they run into Cal. Cal gives Rose his coat to keep her warm and says there is a lifeboat waiting for Rose, to which she boards. Cal promises there is a boat on the other side that he and Jack can board. Rose's boat begins to lower into the water but as the boat reaches A Deck, Rose jumps back to the Titanic. Jack races to meet her at the Grand Staircase and she says she will not leave without him. Above on A Deck, Cal watches in anger when finally realizes he has lost his trophy wife to a Third Class scum. Cal steals Lovejoy's gun and attempts to kill Jack and Rose, who run for their lives down the Grand Staircase to D Deck. Cal uses up the bullets without hitting his target and gives up the pursuit. Cal also realizes he left the Heart of the Ocean in his coat pocket which he gave to Rose.

Jack and Rose run through the ship and find a young boy. They attempt to rescue him but are caught in fast-flowing water. As they attempt to escape to the higher decks, they find themselves trapped by a locked gate. A staff member passes by but drops his keys. After picking up the keys and close to drowning in the rising water, Jack unlocks the gate and they escape back up to the Boat Deck.

At this point, the bow is full of water and the weight is causing the bow to sink further, thus causing the stern to rise up out of the water. With all the lifeboats gone, all the passengers panic. Jack says they must stay on board as long as possible. As Titanic sinks further and the stern gets higher, Jack and Rose fight their way to the very back of the ship. As they grab the railing to secure themselves on the steep angle, Rose reveals this is where they first met. During this time, the dome of the Grand Staircase implodes, flooding the room and tearing it apart, as well as killing all those within.

Titanic reaches about 30 degrees in height when her structure can no longer hold the weight and she splits between the third and fourth funnels. As the ship splits, Lovejoy is caught and killed within and the stern falls back into the ocean. Moments later, the stern begins to rise again. With no one knowing what is going to happen, the stern rises into a vertical position as Jack and Rose climb over the railing. The stern reaches 90 degrees, standing vertical above the ocean surface. Titanic, broken in half and facing the dark ocean floor, begins her final descent into the darkness. Jack tells Rose to hold her breath as the ship of dreams disappears below the water, never to be seen again for seventy-three years.

Without a life jacket, Jack is caught in the suction of Titanic but he makes his way to the surface and reunites with Rose. They manage to swim to a floating door which seems to only be able to support one person's weight, so Rose climbs on top. Jack assures Rose that lifeboats will be returning soon to rescue them. But as time passes many people die from the freezing water. Jack makes Rose promise him that she will never give up. As a single lifeboat returns to the crowd of the dead, Rose sings Flying Machine, remembering when she was at the bow with Jack. As she spots the light from the incoming lifeboat, Rose tries to wake up Jack but after a few moments, realizes he has died from the cold. Rose almost decides to give up, but then remembers that she promised Jack that she would never give up. Rose uses the last of her energy to swim to a nearby Officer and blows the whistle that he had used which alerts the lifeboat and she is rescued.

After rescue[edit | edit source]

Back in 1996, Old Rose reveals that only 6 of 1500 were rescued from the water. Back in 1912, Rose sees the RMS Carpathia. Aboard the rescuing vessel, Rose spots Cal looking for her but she hides under a hood. Rose reveals to the crew of the Keldysh that Cal eventually remarried, but on October 29th, 1929, he committed suicide by gunshot in a fit of grief after he lost all of his money in Stock Market Crash of 1929. Carpathia arrives in New York and passes the Statue of Liberty. When asked for her name, Rose gives Rose Dawson.

Back in 1996, Rose walks over to the stern of the Keldysh and reveals that she had actually been in possession of the Heart of the Ocean all these years after finding it in the coat that Cal gave to her. Having finally returned to where it all happened, Rose drops the diamond into the ocean so it will rest where it belongs. As Rose slept that night, photos reveal she lived the life that she planned with Jack, such as learning to ride a horse. In Heaven (or a dream), the wreck is shown becoming what she had been before the sinking, and as she enters the Grand Staircase once more, Rose is reunited with Jack at the top of the stairs at the clock in the Grand Staircase, and with everyone else that perished in the sinking applauding them, the two embrace and share a kiss. The film ends as the camera pans to the dome and the bright light shining through.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Fictional[edit | edit source]

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Historical[edit | edit source]

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Televised Edits[edit | edit source]

  • Freeform airs Titanic, which is edited for television. Some scenes like these ones are edited:
    • When Jack draws Rose in the nude, he draws in a pad to cover some of her breasts.
    • When they are nude in the car while having sex with each other, Jack would then kiss Rose which cuts to commercials.

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • Curiously, there are characters that resemble representations of some passengers, both fictitious and real, that appeared or would appear in other versions of the Titanic.
  • Two filler passengers on the port side look like Georgiana Grex and Lady Manton
  • In Rose's Dream a passenger looks like Thomas Andrews from 2012 Miniserie
  • A passenger in a deleted scene looks like Alice Cleaver from the 1996 miniseries
  • This is the second film version to show Lifeboat 7 as the First to Abandon the Titanic.

Historical inaccuracies[edit | edit source]

Factual errors[edit | edit source]

  • Lifeboat 10 was not the first aft to leave the Titanic, it was 16, although the reason is that at that time the ship's construction set showed the starboard side and the one that is lowered is lifeboat 9
  • it's ironic to call murdoch an antagonist in the movie since he was a hero in reality
  • Lucy was not a first class stewardess but second class the only first class stewardesses were: Mabel Bennett, Emma Bliss, Violet Jessop and Annie Caton

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