Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"
"Don't be afraid little girl. I'll take you to your mommy.

—Unnamed Girl Child and Herr Petersen

Unnamed Girl Child is a minor characters from the 1943 Film Titanic. She was rescued by Petersen, and were presumably rescued the Emergency Lifeboat 1. She was portrayed by Susi Jera.

Role in the film[edit | edit source]

She first appeared during the Titanic's final moments after Captain Smith announced "Every man for himself." Somehow she was left by her parents in her cabin alone, while the ship was sinking.

As the water began to reach her cabin, she shouted for her mother, and was heard by Herr Petersen. Petersen immediately broke down the cabin door, and took the girl out. The water was already flooding very fast, Petersen picked up the girl and ran quickly to the top deck, as the Dining Saloon filled with water behind them.

Herr Petersen and the Unnamed Girl Child in the water

Petersen and the girl seemed to jump off the ship and swim toward one of the lifeboats. Sigrid Olinsky saw them swimming in the water, immediately ordering the crew to row the boat towards them and rescue them.

On the lifeboat, the girl and the other passengers are horrified to see the Titanic plunge into the sea.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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