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Unnamed Steward 1 was a fictional Third Class steward of the RMS Titanic who appeared in the 2012 Miniseries.

Appearance Edit

The Steward was 5′ 9″ (1.74 m) tall, white male. He had short, blond-gray hair and brown eyes. During his appearances on the show, he wore a standard white 3rd class steward's tunic.



Episode 2

When the ship is sinking, the Third Class passengers are kept downstairs,[1][2] and the crowd is getting irritated quickly. Unnamed steward 1 holds back a passenger called David Evans, who has been questioning the stewards' actions the whole time. Steward Hart realizes they're losing control and decides to take a group of women and children up to the deck. When Turnbull suddenly cuts off the line, a passenger grabs him. Unnamed steward 1 quickly frees Turnbull and closes the gate again. Turnbull grabs his keys and locks the gate.[2]

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Episode 3

Shortly after Mrs. Maloney's escape, Sixth Officer Moody comes through out of a gangway. Suddenly, fireman Mario Sandrini appears on the other side. Turnbull opens the gate and drags Sandrini in, all passengers escape and unnamed steward 1 is pushed aside by Lubov. Meanwhile Sandrini is carried away by two seamen.[3]

He is not seen again after Sandrini's arrest.


  • Steward (to Lubov): Release him (Turnbull)!

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed by stunt performer Péter Katona in an uncredited appearance.

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