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Unnamed Steward2

Unnamed Steward 2 was a fictional Third Class steward of the RMS Titanic who appeared in the 2012 mini-series.

Appearance Edit

The Steward was 6′1″ (1.85 m) tall, white male. He had short, brown hair and brown eyes. During his appearances on the show, he wore a standard white 3rd class steward's tunic.



Appearance in episode 2

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Unnamed steward 2 is caught to let Mary escape

He holds down the Third Class passengers with HartTurnbull and unnamed steward 1. They all lie to keep the passengers calm.[1][2] It doesn't work for long, and Hart opens the gate to let women and children pass. Unnamed steward 2 helps him bringing the children through the gate. Turnbull cuts off the line before Mary Maloney can escape, and unnamed steward 2 helps a last child out. Peter Lubov grabs Turnbull and pushes him away. A man grabs unnamed steward 2, while unnamed steward 1 gets busy freeing Turnbull. The way is cleared, and Mary rushes out with the children. Unnamed steward 1 closes the gate again, and Turnbull locks it.[2][3]

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Appearance in episode 3

Shortly after Mrs. Maloney's escape, Sixth Officer Moody comes through out of a gangway. Suddenly, fireman Mario Sandrini appears on the other side of the gate and causes an uproar among the trapped passengers. Turnbull opens the gate and drags him in, all passengers escape and unnamed steward 2 is pushed aside. Meanwhile Sandrini is carried away by two seamen.[3]

He is not seen again after Sandrini's arrest.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed by stunt performer Krisztián Czirják in an uncredited appearance.

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