For a few years I thought that the Titanic would have survived if she had hit the Iceberg head-on. However I did not take into account until just a little while ago the force that that would have created. A 46,000 ton ship traveling 22 knots hits an iceberg weighing a minimum of 100,000 tons, the collision would create a powerful force that causes incredible destruction. The impact would cause the ship's structure to flex, popping rivets and splitting seams, just as in the actual collison, but in this case along the ENTIRE length of the hull, opening up several more compartments to the sea. This is a scenario where Titanic would have sunk in minutes, rather than hours. If anyone thinks this therory is wrong please leave a comment.   I also found this that says the same thing but much worse then I thought. IT ALSO HAS MATH :P [1]
Iceberg collision