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    Titanic in Fiction

    November 29, 2016 by Unsinkableships

    When I first gained an interest in the Titanic, I was somewhat younger and less observant of historical accuracy, so I tended not to notice if a work of fiction contained a historical error. At the time, I just read as many books featuring the Titanic as I could.

    However, now that I'm older, as I read works of fiction set on the Titanic, I notice a lot of little things, or common errors that seem repetitive among not-fully-researched historical fictions.

    Common errors I tend to come across in books:

    1. Boat Launch Sequence of Events

    Authors seem to like to reorder the launch sequence of the boats. Or maybe it's more that they just don't look it up and get that particular detail straight, I suppose.

    But anyways, the example: Character misses boa…

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