Veranda café on RMS Olympic

Veranda café of the Olympic


Part of a window frame from the Verandah Cafe, found in the debris field

The Veranda cafe and Palm court was located on the aft end of A Deck. This room was divided into 2 separate rooms on A Deck, located on both sides of the 2nd-class staircase and directly aft of the First Class Smoking Room. Reminiscent of an outdoor sidewalk café, its rooms were brightly lit by large windows and double sliding doors that opened onto the aft end of the First-Class Promenade Deck. The café was elegantly furnished with wicker tables and chairs, spread out across a checkerboard tiled floor in black and beige. Various outdoor plants filled the rooms, including potted Kentia palms and ivy-covered trellises. It offered commanding views of the ocean but was fully enclosed so that it could be enjoyed in all types of weather, unlike the open-air cafés on the Lusitania and Mauretania. First-class passengers could enjoy a selection of refreshments in the café.

The rooms were light and airy, with beautiful trellised decor and had wicker cane furniture, and large floor to ceiling windows looking out to sea. The rooms shared a pantry with the smoking room forward allowing for light refreshments. Both rooms had sliding doors leading onto the aft promenade, and the doors had the same "Edwardian Manor" design as the windows.

The Verandah Café had both smoking and non-smoking sections. The smoking section, located on the port side, was accessible from the first-class smoking room. The non-smoking section, located on the starboard side, was closed to traffic from the smoking room and on occasion used as a play area by mothers and children. To note, no such official area existed on board. Contrary to the Titanic's, the Olympic's non-smoking section was frequently deserted.

The Verandah Café was similar in style on both the Olympic and the Titanic. While there are many photos of the Olympic's café, only one photo of the Titanic's remains today. The room was in the stern and was torn apart by the severe implosions which occurred on the descent to the ocean floor; on the wreck the remnants of A-Deck have collapsed. A fragment of the decorative bronze grille from the upper part of one of the Verandah and Palm Court windows was recovered in 1994 by Premiere Exhibitions and has been displayed in its various exhibitions.

On Britannic, both of these rooms were connected to the smoke room and were pushed aft until they connected to the fan room


The starboard Palm Court and Veranda Cafe is smashed almost flat. The port side cafe remains but the roof (Boat Deck) is slightly twisted and sagging aft. The Starboard cafe is smashed as the floor is jammed together, the ceiling is jerked back, and the walls are crushed. Much of starboard A Deck has been ripped off.

This room was located on the aft end of A Deck. The room was torn apart by the severe implosions encountered by the stern. The remnants of this room have collapsed completely in the present day.

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Thursday April 11th, 1912 1:50pm

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