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Movie screenshot of the Bridge flooding, with Captain Smith in the Wheelhouse

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Movie screenshot of the Wheelhouse flooding

The wheelhouse was used to steer the ship. This room was located on the Boat Deck. It was behind the Bridge and forward of the Officer's Quarters. The back wall had the control panels to lower the watertight doors and phones to answer the lookouts.


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Officers receive orders from Captain Smith in A Night To Remember.

Captain Smith is reported to have locked himself in there during the ship's final moments.

Wreck Edit

The room was destroyed during the trip to the ocean floor. The only thing that survived is the bronze telemotor and the base mountings of the room.

Differences to Sisters Edit

RMS Olympic Edit

Olympic's wheelhouse was round and the sides extended to the edges of the bridge roof. Later on, the wheelhouse was made similar to Titanic's wheelhouse.


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