William Henry Lyons (September 4th, 1886 - April 15th, 1912) was an able seaman and victim of the Titanic sinking.

Early LifeEdit

William was born in Cork, County Cork, Ireland on September 4th, 1886. He was the son of Henry Lyons and Catherine O'Keeffe. He also had two younger brothers named Denis and John. Lyons and his family first appear on the 1901 Irish census living at 3 Meat Market Lane, but strangely, William and his mother are both absent from the 1911 census in which his family were listed to have been living at 7 Meat Market Lane.

Although the exact date William first went to sea is uncertain,

RMS TitanicEdit

On April 6th, 1912, Lyons signed onto the Titanic as an able seaman, where he gave his address as 27 Orchard lane, Southampton, and his previous ship as the RMS Oceanic. On the night of the sinking, Lyons and several other crewmen jumped overboard and swam towards Lifeboat 4 and the occupants pulled him aboard. However, he soon lost consciousness from hypothermia. When Lifeboat 4 was rescued by the Carpathia, Lyons was still alive, but unconscious. Several hours later, he was pronounced dead and buried at sea on April 16th, 1912.

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