William Mintram was a fireman on the RMS Titanic, working for the White Star Line after his release from prison for the murder of his wife. He died in the sinking.

Married life[edit | edit source]

William married Eliza Mary Rose Veal on August 16th, 1886[1] and went on to have five children with her, William Jnr, Charles, George, May & Rosina.[2] Rosina was married to Walter Hurst who was also a fireman on the Titanic.

Killing[edit | edit source]

Mintram did not have a happy marriage. On the evening of October 18th, 1902; after a row when he complained over his wife's pawning of his son's boots to pay for drink, he stabbed her in the back and she died soon afterwards. Mintram appeared at Winchester Assizes the following month, charged with wilful murder; he gave evidence in his own defence, saying that he had been drunk and his wife had rushed at him, but he did not remember anything more. A policeman gave evidence saying that he had heard quarrelling in the house and had to disperse a crowd from outside, about half an hour before the attack. Mintram was said by his employers to have an excellent character.[3][4] The jury returned a verdict of guilty of manslaughter and the judge sentenced him to penal servitude for 12 years. He served three before being released.

Death[edit | edit source]

Despite his criminal record, he was allowed to work on the Titanic as a fireman. His collegue William Thomas Abrams had also been in prison, but it's unknown why.

When he signed onto the Titanic he gave his address as 15 Chapel Road, Southampton (also the home of his daughter, Rosina, and her husband, Walter Hurst). His previous ship was the Oceanic. As a fireman he received wages of £6.

William died on the Titanic as one of its many victims. On the night of the sinking William had managed to find a lifejacket but his son-in-law Walter Hurst had not, so William gave him his. His actions contributed to Walter's survival. William's body, if recovered, was never identified. Abrams also died.

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